On cam: Man dancing on stage at wedding dies of heart attack

An alarming video from a wedding in Chhattisgarh has gone viral on the internet, showing a guest collapsing and passing away on camera after performing a vigorous dance at the function. The viral video shows a man energetically dancing at a wedding and then attempting to steady himself by sitting down on the stage. However, within moments, he dramatically falls backwards and reportedly suffers a heart attack, dying on the spot. The man was identified as Dilip Rautkar, an engineer employed at the Bhilai Steel Plant in Chhattisgarh, as per social media reports.
This video shows him dancing enthusiastically and then suddenly slowing down his movements. The man then sits on the stage which seems like he’s catching some breath after a tiresome dance, however, the turn of events shocked everyone present there.
Watch the video to see what happened next:

10 May 2023 :

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