'Jeopardy!' fans slam 'painful' episode after contestants failed to answer challenging clues

"Jeopardy!" fans couldn’t bear to watch a challenging episode this week after the contestants missed out on 23 clues. Contestants Collette Lee, Kristine Rembach and returning champion Suresh Krishnan appeared stumped by the game show puzzles after the three players didn’t buzz in for a majority of the clues. Passionate fans recapped the show over the internet and claimed Wednesday’s episode had a record number of unanswered clues for the season. 'JEOPARDY!' HOST MAYIM BIALIK UNDER FIRE FOR ANOTHER QUESTIONABLE RULING: 'AT LEAST BE CONSISTENT' One fan took to Twitter to criticize the beloved game show for its recent set of challenging clues. "Is it just me, or was tonight's episode of #jeopardy painful to watch? As far as unanswered clues went, this episode had to be in the top 10," a comment said.  Other "Jeopardy!" fans agreed with the viral tweet and shared their reactions. "This seems to be a trend. I’m usually a wiz at this game but lately the clues seem convoluted. I wonder if @Jeopardy has hired new writers," another viewer chimed in. 'JEOPARDY!' PRODUCER SLAMS FAN CRITICISM OF MAYIM BIALIK, KEN JENNINGS: 'THIS SHOW IS SO HARD TO HOST' Longtime fans of the game show continued to question "Jeopardy!’s" puzzles. "I really could not discern whether or not the clues were too tough or the contestants were not well-versed in the subjects. The clues have gotten harder I think in the last few years," one viewer wrote. For the "Final Jeopardy!" round, the category was "European Countries" and the prompt said, "Of all the nations that border Italy, the one that didn’t exist in 1990." ‘JEOPARDY!’ HOST KEN JENNINGS SLAMS FANS FOR COMPLAINING ABOUT ‘INCORRECT’ CLUE: ‘BUY A DICTIONARY’ Krishnan and Lee both answered "Slovenia" correctly. Krishnan was crowned the two-day champion, winning a total of $21,099. Lee was runner-up with $6,999, and Rembach placed third with $2,999. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER The conversation continued after the show aired, as a Reddit user, who claimed to be contestant Lee, shared her difficult experience. "Collette here — Kristine and I commented on that to each other before Final, saying that we were worried we’d go viral for not knowing anything!" the user began. "I personally tried to ‘keep calm and clam up’ to try to avoid ending up in the red with bad guesses but as the game wore on, especially in Double Jeopardy it was obvious we were collectively riding the struggle bus with our board!"

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