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  1. Agat Emulator
         Open source Apple 2 and Agat 7/9 emulator.
  2. Altair32
         An open source Altair emulator for Windows.
  3. cinc
         An open source Bell Labs cardiac emulator for Linux and Windows/Cygwin.
  4. CP/M
         An open source CP/M-80 ver2.2 emulator for MacOS.
  5. Desktop Cyber
         A CDC (Control Data Corporation) Cyber 6x00, 7x or 17x type mainframe emulator for Windows
  6. Emu28
         An open source HP18C/28C emulator for Windows.
  7. Emu48
         An open source HP38/39/40/48/49 emulator for Windows.
  8. Emu51
         An open source 8051 emulator for Linux and Windows.
  9. Emu71
         Open Source HP71B Emulator for Windows.
  10. Emulator2001 and DSVZ200
         Freeware Arcadia 2001 and VZ200/VZ300 emulators for Windows.
  11. Emuviews
         Great emulation page maintained by JoseQ, maker of the famous Rumor Mill, many downloads,
  12. Free42
         Open source HP-42S emulator for Android, Linux/i386, Mac OS, PalmOS, Pocket PC, Windows, a
  13. FunnyMu
         A freeware Creativision, Funvision, and Whizzard emulator for Linux/SDL.

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