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  1. All Hotkeys
         Contains a database of keyboard shortcuts for software and web applications.
  2. Ask Felgall
         How-to pages that answer a number of frequently asked questions as well as some reference
  3. Computer Help A to Z
         Explains how to make better use of computers with easy to understand tips and articles
  4. Computer-Internet Tips & Tricks
         Includes knowledge and guides about Symantec Norton, Web development and IP networks.
  5. Computers For Retirees
         Provides a tutorial geared toward seniors and retirees. All 27 chapters are free for acces
  6. Computertim Technologies
         Free computer how-to articles for beginners, training, and support.
  7. Cyberia PC
         Offers information for motherboards, history of computers and pc problems. Includes tutori
  8. Dave's Brain
         Includes programming and computer tips, alongside tech opinions.
  9. Etherpunk
         Articles for Mailing Lists, Networking, Operating Systems and Software.
  10. etutorials
         Provides tutorials on Flash, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, DreamWeaver, Java, C++ and
  11. Exploring the Internet
         Information on a range of topics such as Usenet, FTP, Gophers, Email, Listservs, IRC, WAIS
  12. Help-Site Computer Manuals
         Contains links to hundreds of computer related documents and sites. A listing of FAQs list
  13. How Stuff Works: Computers
         Complete, detailed, illustrated descriptions of the inner workings of the PC.
  14. MalekTips
         Over 3,000 tips for Windows, digital cameras, and the Internet.
         Includes howtos and guides for Linux, PHP, Security, SEO and Software.
  16. MaximumPCguides
         Contains articles for networking, viruses, spyware, security and Windows.
  17. Online Computer Tips
         Articles on PC troubleshooting, networking, spyware, and Windows.
  18. Online Help
         Contains articles about operating systems, viruses and email.
  19. Online Tech Tips
         Tips on personal and online computing.
  20. ProExe
         Includes a knowledgebase organised into different categories like domain names, email, ftp

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