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  1. Clap and Rhyme Games
         Memories of clapping games with lyrics for two.
  2. Hand Games
         Hand/body rhythm sequences, with detailed instructions and variations.
  3. Janken in the World
         Scissors, paper, stone games as played in different cultures.
  4. Monochrom's Massive Multiplayer Thumb-Wrestling
         Explains the basics as well as multi-player variations. Includes photographs.
  5. Professional Rock Paper Scissors
         Details strategy and statistics for the game of RPS, including an original match format.
  6. Rochambeau
         Phil Price does a bit of research on the game's origins.
  7. Rock vs. Paper vs. Scissors
         Humorous article on the three-way conflict, with comments from those who voted for their f
  8. Rock-Paper-Scissors Button Game
         Rules for a party game, moving the arena of combat from gestures to wearable buttons.
  9. Rock-Paper-Scissors-Spock-Lizard
         A variation with five options instead of the traditional three.
  10. Rock, Scissors, Paper Plus
         Rules to add Bomb, Bird, Water, Chopper hand forms.
  11. Slashdot: Rock-Paper-Scissors
         Online discussion of the Roshambo programming competition.
  12. Thumb Wrestling
         Describes how to thumb wrestle, with a snake in the grass variation.

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